Useful Thai Phrases And Words

While learning a new language isn’t easy (for me anyway!) I’ve found my travels a lot more fun and engaging with these few useful Thai phrases and words. I may even throw in some numbers at the end!

I won’t go into crazy details or long sentences. This is just to outline some of the basic words and phrases that will help you enjoy your trip a little bit more.

The Basics

You will hear the words Khrup and Ka often and at the end of sentences. They have no real direct translation into English, but Khrup is used by men and Ka is used by women.

  • Hello – Sawadee (Khrup/Ka)
  • Yes – Chai (Khrup/Ka)
  • No – Mai (Khrup/Ka)
  • Thank you – khop khun (Khrup/Ka)
  • Sorry/excuse me – Khor thoad (Khrup/Ka)
  • Where is the restroom – Hong nam yoo tee nai (Khrup/Ka)
  • No problems – Mai pen rai

Basic Thai Greetings

If you want to expand on the basics, you will find the below will come in handy. Remember to add Khrup or Ka to the end.

  • Hello – Sawadee
  • How are you? – Sabai dee mai
  • I’m fine – Sabai dee
  • I’m not well – Mai sabai
  • Thank you – Khop kun
  • Can you speak English? – Kun pood paasaa anggrit dai mai

Thai Shopping Phrases

These are a few phrases you may want to try while out shopping. Thai’s do like to barter and you never know, using some Thai may even get you a discount!

  • How much? – Taorai
  • Very expensive – Paang mak
  • Can you reduce the price? – Lod noi dai mai
  • I want this one – Ao annii

Eating And Ordering Food

From the street stalls to restrants, these useful Thai phrases and words will help you out. And if you really enjoyed your meal, make sure you compliment them by saying aroy!

  • Not Spicy – Mai phet
  • A little Spicy – Phet nit nawy
  • Really Spicy – Phet mak
  • Chicken – Gai
  • Rice – Kaao
  • Cold – Yen
  • Hot – Rone
  • Vegetarian – Mawng sa vee rat
  • Vegan – Gin jay
  • Water – Naam
  • Delicious – Aroy

Thai Phrases For A Night Out

Thailand is home to some amazing nightlife. Below are some fun phrases that may come in handy.

  • Having Fun? – Sanuk mai
  • Cute – Nalak
  • Drunk – Mow
  • Cheers/Good Luck – Chok dee

Basic Thai Numbers

As promised! Some Thai numbers that will come in handy when out shopping bartering for that discount.

1 – Nung
2 – Song
3 – Sam
4 – See
5 – Haa
6 – Hok
7 – Jet
8 – Bpeet
9 – Gaao
10 – Sip
20 – Yii sip
21 – Yii sip et
22 – Yee sip song
30 – Sam sip
40 – See sip
50 – Haa sip
60 – Hok sip
70 – Jet sip
80 – Bpeet sip
90 – Gaao sip
100 – Nung rooi

Conclusion – Useful Thai Phrases And Words

The above useful Thai phrases and words should keep you going for a while, and will in no doubt be helpful on your next trip.

If you do find that you would like to learn more about the Thai language I can recommend Lonely Planet Thai Phrasebook & Dictionary. It’s a handy sized book and easy to carry around with you.
For a more in-depth book, you can’t go wrong with Thai for Beginners or Complete Thai: Teach Yourself and go for the book and CD option as hearing the Thai words really do help.
I own all three and I’m currently working through Complete Thai: Teach Yourself.

I’ve also been using an app that I’ve recently found, called Ling. It’s available on iOS and Android. It comes in a free version and paid subscriptions.
They say the app is designed to make learning Thai as easy and as fun! And so far I’d have to agree. It takes you through quizzes, flashcards, writing practice and much much more.

Leave a comment below on your useful Thai phrases and words that you have come across.

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