Top Digital Nomad Podcasts

I’ve thought about this post for a while now as I’ve been asked what, if any podcasts do I listen to? While some of the podcasts are not digital nomads they have been an interesting listen. Some of the insights and information have been helpful on my journey to getting myself away from the 9-5 and making my own income.
I’m very much in the early stages and have found it helpful to listen to how others have started and making ago of this lifestyle.

Digital Nomad Podcasts

Chris The Freelancer

I’m putting this one at the top of the list even though he hasn’t done a podcast for a while now. When I first started looking into remote working and not really knowing what I was looking for! I found Chris’ YouTube channel and have been a fan ever since. The podcasts stopped at the back end of last year, but still worth a listen when you have a moment.

Zero To Travel

I’ve only just started with Zero To Travel and have been listing to the podcasts on my journey to work. Enjoying Jason’s style and there are 300+ podcasts to listen to! So there should be something that will interest you.

Become Nomad

Enjoyable and easy to listen to, these podcasts give you a nice insight into the digital nomad lifestyle.

Chasing The Freedom

Stumbled across this podcast and I’m not sure how! It is aimed at women (nothing wrong with that at all!) but found the podcasts to be enjoyed and very easy to listen to. Found myself getting through most of the episodes in one sitting due to how easy they are to listen to.

Survive The 9 To 5

While not strictly a digital nomad site they have some really helpful tips on remote working in the corporate world. I found this podcast as I follow Doug through his YouTube channel and just really find his stuff helpful and interesting – Plus he’s a big fan of beer! 🙂

Shortlist Of Podcasts
While this is only a short list of podcasts I’m sure you will find something here to add to your playlist. Making the most of your daily drive or lunch break with these podcasts!

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