Being away from Thailand always gets me thinking about what I miss and what I look forward to when I get back out there. I’m never more than 6 months away from going back to Thailand, but it’s still too long!

I’ve not long come back from a short trip out in Thailand, and as everything is fresh in my mind I thought I’d list them down.

Things I Miss About Thailand

Other than seeing my other half and spending time with family and friends 😉 these are some of the things I miss about Thailand.

Having No Plans

Getting around Thailand is pretty easy and cheap! I’ve very rarely made plans other than I’m going to land in Bangkok or one of the islands. Taxis are cheap and the trains are easy to use.

If in Bangkok, the tuk tuk’s are fun but using the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System or Skytrain) or MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) is faster and cheaper in most if not all cases. And they are far easier to use than you think!

There is also so much to see in Thailand, just heading out for a walk can be fun. You are also never far away from tour agencies to find a good day trip out.

The Weather

Thailand has a tropical climate and even in the rainy season, it’s still warm. Coming from England, Thailand’s weather is amazing! Don’t get me wrong, we do get some nice summers here in England 🙂
You just can’t beat being in the sun and warmth all year round.

The Food

This list really wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the food! And I know of people that have come to Thailand just because of the food.

For me, it’s a Thai yellow curry with prawns from Number 6 Restaurant in Phuket. If you’ve never been or just been put off by the amount of people queuing outside, it is worth the wait! I’ve added a map below so you can find it 🙂

Cheap Beer

I’m not going to lie, I love a cold beer. Chang is my preference, but will be just as happy with a Leo or Singha!
You can get imported drinks so if you find you are missing a pint of Guinness or a cider, you will find them. You will also pay a lot more for these.

If you are drinking in the bars you will pay more for your beers. If you want a drink and a bit of a walkabout, your better off getting a beer from the 7-Eleven. This will be cheaper and a large bottle.

When back home in England you can find Chang and Singha in the local supermarkets. It’s normally priced really cheap as well! I think my last shop to Morrisons it was 3 large beers for £5.


OK, this is my western comforts kicking in. I miss having a 7-Eleven pretty much around every corner. The amount of things you can find in a 7-Eleven is awesome.
If you are in need of some comfort food, head to the nearest 7-Eleven. Anything from a cheese toasty to a Thai dish.
Also, keep hold of the random tokens you get given! Match them up and you can get yourself a free meal or drink!

The People

One of the first things you will find when visiting Thailand is how friendly and welcoming the locals are. You will find that Thai people are friendly, welcoming and hospitable.
Unlike us in the west, smiling at people will get you a smile back! And not a funny look :p And you can pretty much say hello to anyone and they will want to stop and talk with you, whether you’re lost and in need of directions or just want to say hi.

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