Thailand Vloggers

Like myself, you’ve more than likely spent hours on YouTube searching and watching Thailand vloggers. While this post isn’t going to list every single vlogger out in Thailand, I do want to share some of my favourites.

For me, I’m based up in Chiang Khong or Phuket when away from the UK. So when I first started looking for people vlogging in Thailand I was looking for vloggers in that niche.

Most of you would have come across 20 Seconds in Thailand, Bangkok 112 and Kev-In-Thailand etc… I’m going to try and keep away from the ‘big hitters’ and keep this list to Thailand vloggers that have around 5K subscribers or less – At the time of this post.

Purpose Of Vlogging?

I don’t vlog myself, zero editing skills! But I’m always interested in seeing what others are getting up to in and around Thailand.

I can only go on what I would consider the purpose of vlogging. If I was to start, it’ll have to be for fun.

We also take in media in very different ways and vlogging is becoming a go-to media for finding out information. It’s a really good addition at driving visitors to a site or blog. We take in information easier in short bursts and watching peoples vlogs is an easy way of doing this.

Also, the other big drive for starting a vlog would be for an income. Some of the viewing numbers of the bigger Thailand vloggers are crazy! And many people are now able to make a living out if it.

Thailand Vloggers

So let’s get started with the list! Hopefully, you find something you like and maybe a vlogger or two that you’ve not come across before! I’ve also kept it to vloggers that are actively vlogging and will update this list as and when I find someone new 🙂

This is Mick

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Website

This guy deserves way more subscribers!
He’s basically riding his motorbike around Thailand to visit all 77 provinces. Very unique and I don’t think I’ve come across another vlogger doing this. Mick is fast becoming my favourite Thailand youtuber!

The Good Farang

YouTube | Instagram

Genuinely love watching these videos, nice mix of day to day life. Positive, up beat and showing how much he loves Thailand 🙂

Ian Wheldale

YouTube |

Nice mix of videos on Ian’s channel, from Tech to air quality and more.

I came across Ian’s channel while looking for people flying drones in Thailand. Being an avid drone flyer myself I love watching what others have filmed.

Based up in Chiang Mai and gives a really nice perspective of the area away from the tourist traps.

Thai With Sarah

YouTube | Website

I came across Thai With Sarah when looking at videos to help with learning Thai.

So far I’m really enjoying the lessons that she’s putting out and she’s also teamed up with Brett Whiteside from Learn Thai from a White Guy on some of her videos.

Foreigner Joe

YouTube |

An American vlogging in Thailand sharing his experiences living as a foreigner in Thailand. Really enjoy these vlogs and the journey that Joe takes you on with day to day life.

direction BANGKOK

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

I’ve only come across this channel a month or so ago, but from the looks of things he’s been vlogging for around a year now.

Nice vlogs on expat lifestyle, Thai food, people and culture.

Nomadic Travel

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

I’ve been following this guy for sometime now and didn’t really spot the number of subscribers! Another vlogger that really does diverse more subs!

The K Spot

YouTube | Twitter | Podcast | Website

OK so not quite a Thailand vlogger as such, but Keith’s channel is worth a look! Plus he’s a fellow techie 🤓

Based in Thailand, his channel full of reviews and tips for drones and cameras.

Conclusion – Thailand Vloggers

So were any of these Thailand vloggers on your subscription list? If no I hope you found some of my picks interesting.

Do you have a favourite Thailand youtuber that you would like to share? If so leave a comment below with a link to the YouTube channel!

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