Thailand Travel Insurance

While travel insurance isn’t the most exciting thing in the world it is often forgotten when booking a holiday. I’ve titled this as “Thailand Travel Insurance” but really you’d be looking at worldwide travel insurance.

My biggest tip I can give on travel insurance would be to get it as soon as you book your holiday. That way it’s done and out the way with and fingers crossed you won’t need to use it!
Also don’t just pick the cheapest one, take a look at what is covered and more importantly what isn’t.

Thailand Travel Insurance

A good start is heading over to the Money Saving Expert site where they have a list of some of the best deals and can cover anything from basic insurance, to jumping off cliffs. You can also narrow your search down to age groups from 18-35 to the over 65’s and couples/families.

World Nomads

Probably one of the names you’ve seen popup while looking for travel insurance. World Nomads may not be the cheapest out there but they do cover you for a good number of items. From lost baggage to medical issues.

I’ve only used them once but had no issues with the service that was provided. What I like about World Nomads is that you can get insured before you leave or while you are traveling.

Bank Account

You should also check with your bank account. I have a Nationwide FlexPlus account and this has some good cover. It has worldwide cover, has winter sports and golf cover and includes cover for family members.

It’s worth taking a look, but as I’ve said over in my Avoid Foreign ATM Fees In Thailand post, this account does come with a monthly fee.

If you have a need for the other benefits to the FlexPlus account, it is really a handy account to have.


What I really want you to take away from this, is get travel insurance. While you are searching for things to do and look at on holiday, take a moment and look for Thailand travel insurance.

Everyone’s travel needs are different but my best advice is to use the Money Saving Expert search site and take a look over a few of the policies that it has to offer. Making sure that you pick the travel insurance that covers your travel needs.

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