Thai TV In The UK

If like me, you want to be able to stream Thai TV when you are back home and not sit in front of your PC, you’re in luck!

While you can stream some Thai TV channels via the channels web page or from YouTube, I wanted something I could watch on TV so that everyone could enjoy and not sit around a PC.

The below addon has been having issues where most of the time it’s not working and unable to find the streams. I’m looking into this and also looking for a working alternative. I will update this post once I find one that works or a fix for the current addon.

If you come across a working addon or work around, please let us know in the comments below!

If you have a Raspberry Pi laying around and want to put it to use, the below is how you can get Thai TV in the UK!

What’s You Need

All you need is a Raspberry Pi, OSMC or Kodi and the Thai TV add-on. I’m using a Pi 2 and have used the original Pi in the past. They all work but the newer the version of Pi the fast and smoother OSMC/Kodi will run.

Installing The Thai TV Add-On

While OSMC and Kodi are a little different, the install process is basically the same. So it doesn’t matter if you run OSMC or Kodi as your Raspberry Pi’s O/S.

Installing and setting up the Thai TV add-on

  1. From the home screen, select settings

  2. Select File Manager

  3. Select Add Source

  4. Enter

  5. Enter a name for the media source. This can be anything you like.

  6. Back at the Settings screen, select Add-On Browser

  7. Select Install From ZIP File

  8. Select the media source you just added

  9. Select

  10. Select Install From Repository

  11. Select Khmer Dubbed Repo

  12. Select Video Add-On

  13. Select ThaiTV

  14. Select Install

  15. From the Home screen select Videos

    That’s it! All done and installed 🙂
    You can now access the Add-On from the Video Add-Ons screen:

  16. Select Video Add-Ons

  17. Select ThaiTV

  18. You now have a selection of Thai TV channels to watch!

Check List


Well, I hope that helps you get set up and watching Thai TV in the UK! While a bulk of the channels work all the time, I have found that a few drop out every now and again. So far though we’ve been enjoying the ability to watch Thai TV on the big screen!

Let us know if you come across any other methods of streaming Thai TV in the comments below.

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