OSMC Insufficient space when updating

OSMC insufficient space to update!

I’ve been running OSMC on my Pi a while now and the other day when updating I got a warning message letting me know that I had insufficient space to update!
After a little look I found the answer over at the OSMC Forum, a few suggestions of re-installing etc but this post fixed the issue without the need to re-install 🙂

You need to connect to your Pi via SSH, I used PuTTY for this as it’s free and really simple to use.
Once connected you will need the OSMC username and password – This is just osmc for the username and password provided you haven’t changed the defaults.

Now that your logged in all you need to do is run this command: sudo apt-get autoremove and type Y when prompted. This will remove the old kernels and free up space so you can install the new update.

Happy streaming 🙂

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