Movies Shot In Thailand

With the new Fast and Furious movie being filmed in Thailand, I thought what better time to do a post about some of the movies shot in Thailand!

This is a list of movies that I’ve watched and like and think you should go check out! There are many movies shot in Thailand, and for good reason.

If you want to view a complete list of movies shot in Thailand you can find them here.

Thailand has many iconic settings for filmmakers and has often driven tourism to the film’s locations. The Beach is one that everyone knows, set on Koh Phi Phi.

There are also a number of movies shot in Thailand that were used to depict locations in Vietnam. Some you may know of: Good Morning Vietnam, Heaven and Earth, The Deer Hunter and Casualties of War.

Movies Shot In Thailand

Let’s kick off the list of movies shot in Thailand! They are in no particular order, but all are worth a watch!



OK, so who doesn’t love a Ramo movie!
Set in northern Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma. A group of Christian aid workers have been kidnapped, Rambo gets an urgent call for help. Reluctant to embrace violence again, Rambo sets out to rescue the captives from the Burmese army.

mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat

So this might not be for everyone. If you love the Mortal Kombat games you’ve most likely of seen this movie.

This is a story where the best of the best from different realms fight each other in an ancient tournament known as Mortal Kombat! The movie is set in the location of Ayutthaya and also set on Railay and Phra Nang Beach.

only god forgives

Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives is an obscure film, I enjoyed it and I know many people have. I also know that this movie isn’t for everyone. Most would have only watched this movie if they are fans of the director/writer Nicolas Winding Refn or Ryan Gosling.
Only God Forgives is filmed in Bangkok, where you will see Rangsit Boxing Stadium a number of times along with Soi Nana and a number of other locations around Bangkok.

Julian (Ryan Gosling) runs a Thai boxing club and smuggling ring in Bangkok with his brother Billy. His brother Billy, rapes and murders an underage prostitute. The father of the daughter is then allowed to kill Billy, and Julian is then forced by his mother to find his brothers killers and raise hell.

the impossible

The Impossible

The Impossible is a true story of a British family on a Christmas holiday in Thailand, caught in the destruction and aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

The movie is mainly filmed in Khao Lak at the Orchid Beach Resort along with scenes in Phuket and Krabi.

skin trade

Skin Trade

After Nick Cassidy’s (Dolph Lundgren) family is murdered he sets off to tracks the culprit to Thailand. He then teams up with a Thai agent (Tony Jaa) to bring the killer to justice and take down his human-trafficking ring.

Skin Trade was filmed in Bangkok with locations that included Suvarnabhumi Airport, Min Buri District and the Siam Kempinski Hotel

The Man With The Iron Fists 2

Thaddeus is attacked on his way to the Wu Chi Temple but is saved by the village miners who treat his wounds and offer him refuge. As the days progress, he becomes involved in a local conflict.

While the first and second film might not be to everyone’s taste, I have to admit I enjoyed these movies! The locations for this movie were in Chiang Mai and the Tham Lot Cave (Mine Scene) in Mae Hong Son.

Hard Target 2

I’m a big fan of Scott Adkins and the movies he’s done, so I might be a little bias with this one! While Hard Target 2 doesn’t have Van Damme and is a straight to DVD, don’t let this put you off!

Filmed in and around Bangkok in only 20 days and a budget of only $4.5 million dollars compared to Hard Target’s 65 days of shooting with a budget of $18 million. If you enjoyed the first movie and enjoy a Scott Adkins movie, you wont be disappointed with this one.

Retired mixed martial artist Wes “The Jailor” Baylor (Scott Adkins) can’t refuse a million-dollar purse he’s offered for one final bout in Myanmar. But when he arrives for the fight, he learns he’s been tricked into becoming the target of a human hunt. Carrying only water and a ruby-filled money belt for the last person standing, Wes must outsmart the heavily armed group that has paid to kill him. As he fights for his life in the treacherous jungle terrain, the hunters become the hunted.

Bollywood Movies Shot In Thailand

Seeing as Bollywood (Hindi Cinema) is a massive film industry and bigger than Hollywood. It’s no surprise that Bollywood has movies shot in Thailand.

While I’m not clued up on Bollywood movies, I’ve listed a few below that have been shot in locations around Thailand.

student of the year

Student Of The Year

Student of the Year is Set in locations around Bangkok, Koh Samui and Khao Yai.

The movie is based around events that none of them have gotten over yet, including the dean, and how the “Student of the Year” competition shaped who they were, how they related, and what they’ve become.

veerede wedding

Veere Di Wedding

Veere Di wedding was shot primarily in Phuket at the Amanpuri Resort & Spa, Pansea Beach, Bangla Walking Street, Patong Beach, Pansea Beach and Phuket Old Town.

The movie is about 4 women taking a trip to Thailand for a trip of rediscovery after a wedding is called off.

kaho naa pyaar hai

Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai was filmed on Phra Nang Beach for the title song.

While on a cruise ship, the main couple are separated from the rest of their party and end up on a deserted island.



From what I can find, Baaghi was filmed in a number of place around Bangkok and Krabi, Thailand.

Baaghi is about a martial arts student who seeks revenge after the murder of his master.



Awarapan was shot in the Ancient City Muang Boran, near Bangkok.

A hitman falls in love with a devout Muslim woman who opens his eyes to compassion and the teachings of Pighamber Mohammad.

Saved The Best For Last

OK so I’ve added this last as it’s a travel documentary, but it is worth a watch.

A Map For Saturday was released back in 2007 but it is still hands-down the best travel video out there. One that I couldn’t leave off the list.

You follow Brook Silva Braga as he prepares for his year-long trip around the world. He shows you from start to end, the planning, worrying, the ups and downs of long term travel.

I can’t recommend this movie enough! If you only choose one movie from this list, pick A Map For Saturday.


Well, I hope that this list of movies shot in Thailand gives you some ideas of what to watch next! And maybe some inspiration for your next destination when planning your trip.

Some of the movies you may find on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’ve not linked to these streaming services as they change around too often. But if you have a subscription to one of them, go take a look and see if they are listed for you to watch.

If you’re also looking to watch some Thai TV, I have a guide on setting this up. Go check it out!

Let me know what your favorite movies are in the comments below.

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