JSEcoin – My experience after a few days

OK, I’m going to start off by saying that when it comes to cryptocurrency I know what it is and that’s about it… JSEcoin is a new contender on the block! And is mainly aimed at webmasters who want to monetize their sites, think Google Adsense and the like.

I have looked into cryptocurrency in the past when Bitcoin became a thing, and while I thought it was interesting I didn’t really understand it and what was involved to mine or invest – I still don’t!
I’ve dabbled with Bitcoin and when JSEcoin came up in conversation I thought I’d give it a look, and to my surprise, it was very simple. I like simple, means an easy life for me.

Once registered and logged in, finding your way around was nice and easy and finding the mining options straightforward. For me, my PC is pretty much on all the time, so I now just have my JSEcoin dashboard page open and hit the start mining button and let it do its thing. So far I’ve had no problems with my PC running slow or the browser crashing on me – Which is nice. Just remember to leave the browser maximized.

The other part of mining for coins is when you have visitors to your site (like this one) do the mining for you. So if you have a high traffic site and don’t want to fill it with ads this could be for you.
All that you need to do is copy and paste the code above the closing </body> tag. If you have a WordPress site and don’t want to mess around with the code you can use the JSEcoin WordPress plugin and have this do the work for you.

As you may have seen when you landed on the home page, a small banner pops up at the bottom of the page for a moment and then disappears. That’s all your visitors will see, they do have the option to disable the banner so that they will no longer do any mining when on your site, I like this as it gives visitors the option to help you out a little or if they prefer to have it disabled. Either way, you don’t have to fill your site with a load of annoying ads!

You can also share out your referral link and this gives 3.50 JSE per confirmed user account, not too bad for just sharing a link.

JSEcoin is in development at the moment but you can buy JSE on pre-ICO on their site after you register, the price is 1 USD = 1 JSE the site it shows:

“Currently JSE coins are tied to the USD, but when JSEcoin is launched on public exchanges the price will be determined by the open market.”

I like the fact that they are open about the risk in investing money into a new project that’s at an early stage, they are also showing names to faces on the main site and not hiding their identities like so many of the other sites. Below is a snippet about early investing and what it’s being used for, and links to the whitepaper and terms.

“Investing in an early stage cryptocurrency startup is inherently risky.
The JSEcoin platform was only launched publicly in August 2017 and we expect to list on exchanges in 2018, until that time there will not be any liquidity and you will not be able to sell coins you purchase pre-ICO.

Please take the time to read our Whitepaper and Terms before making an investment.

Pre-ICO funding will be used primarily for exchange listing fees and marketing.”

That’s it! My little review over with, for now, I’m jumping on the bandwagon as it involves very little effort to setup and is so far looking to be a really nice alternative to using ads to monetize sites.

Head over to the JSEcoin homepage and take look for yourself and see if it’s something worth adding to your own sites.

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