As it’s coming to the end of the year, and I’m back home in England for the winter. A question that has come up is “does it snow in Thailand?”

While Thailand is a tropical country, it does have it’s cooler months. If you’ve ever visited northern Thailand you’d have noticed that it does get relatively cool at night compared to central and southern Thailand.

Winter In Thailand

Yes, Thailand does have winter months! While it’s not freezing or snowing that many other countries experience, Thailand does cool down a little. The daily humidity levels drop to around 50% – 60%, and temperatures stay at a comfortable 30 – 35 °C.

The winter months in Thailand are from November to February and are seen as being the best time to visit. More commonly known as the cool season. This is due to the temperatures being more comfortable, and for first-time travelers to Thailand these would be the best months to visit.

What To Wear For Winter In Thailand

This will be different for everyone, for me coming from England the cool season in Thailand is hotter than an English summer! But seeing as it is the cool season you can find yourself outside in a sudden downpour.

You will still be fine in your shorts and t-shirt, but you may want to swap out the flip-flops for beach shoes, or shoes that are quick drying. Also adding a lightweight waterproof poncho to your day bag. This is for the times that you can’t just run into a shop or under shelter 🙂 I’ve been caught out a few times over the years!

Snow In Thailand

So to answer, does it snow in Thailand? No it does not snow in Thailand.

There are reports of ‘snow’ back in January 1955 in Chiang Rai, this was the coldest temperature ever was recorded in Thailand at around 2 °C.

The snow was in fact hail (pictured below), during the winter it’s common to see frost on the mountain tops in Northern Thailand.

As the snow was made up from hailstones it’s not considered to be proper snowfall, although this is proudly boasted by the locals as their claim to snow fame.

Can You See Snow In Thailand

As you have just found out, there is no real snow in Thailand as it just doesn’t snow.

However! If you’re really in need of a snow fix while visiting Thailand, or just looking for something a little different. You can head to Dream World amusement park in Bangkok. This is more for young kids, but they have an area called Snow Town for you to explore.

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