Colours of the day in Thailand

Each day of the week in Thailand is associated with a color. These colors of the day in Thailand are seen as your lucky color. This is an old tradition and still followed by most Thai people today.

The colors of the week derive from Thai astrology. Each day of the week is assigned a specific color, this is based on the God who protects that day.

Your lucky color is the day you were born on. As I was born on a Tuesday, my lucky color is pink. This is why I’ve used the color pink on this site!

What Are The Colors Of The Day In Thailand?

Monday (วันจันทร์ – wan jan) – Yellow (สีเหลือง – sĭi-lŭeang)

Tuesday (วันอังคาร – wan ang-kaan) – Pink (สีชมพู – sĭi-chom-puu)

Wednesday (วันพุธ – wan pút) – Green (สีเขียว – sĭi-kĭao)

Thursday (วันพฤหัสบดี – wan pá-réu-hàt-sà-bor-dee) – Orange (สีส้ม – sĭi-sôm)

Friday (วันศุกร์ – wan sùk) – Blue (สีฟ้า – sĭi-fáa)

Saturday (วันเสาร์ – wan săo) – Purple (สีม่วง – sĭi-mûang)

Sunday (วันอาทิตย์ – wan aa-tít) – Red (สีแดง – sĭi-daeng)

If you would like to find out what day you were born on so you can see what your color of that day is. Click here.

Hear What The Days And Color Sound Like Spoken In Thai

You can also check out this video from Learn Thai with to hear what the days and color sound like spoken in Thai.

God Of The Day

Below are the God’s and what day they protect. According to ancient customs in Thailand, there is an astrological rule (which has influence from Hindu mythology) that assigns a color to each day of the week based on the color of the God who protects the day.

Monday – Yellow – Chandra

Chandra is a lunar deity and is also one of the nine planets (Navagraha) in Hinduism. Chandra is synonymous to as Soma. Other names include Indu, Atrisuta, Sachin, Tārādhipa and Nishakara.

Tuesday – Pink – Mangala

Mangala is the name for Mars, the red planet, in Hindu texts. Also known as Lohit, he is the god of war, celibate and sometimes linked to god Karttikeya (Skanda). His origins vary with different mythological texts; in some, he is the son of Bhumi, the Earth Goddess and Vishnu, born when he raised her from the depths of water in Varaha avatar. In other myths, he is born from Shiva’s sweat or blood drop.

Wednesday – Green – Budha

Budha graha is a Sanskrit word that connotes the planet Mercury. Budha, in puranic Hindu mythology, is also a deity.

Thursday – Orange – Brihaspati

Brihaspati is an Indian name, and refers to different mythical figures depending on the age of the text. In ancient Hindu literature Brihaspati is a Vedic era sage who counsels the gods, while in some medieval texts the word refers to the largest planet Jupiter.

Friday – Blue – Shukra

Shukra is a Sanskrit word that means , clear, bright”. It also has other meanings, such as the name of an ancient lineage of sages who counselled Asuras in Vedic mythology. In medieval mythology and Hindu astrology, the term refers to the planet Venus, one of the Navagrahas.

Saturday – Purple – Shani

Shani refers to the planet Saturn, and is one of the nine heavenly objects known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology. Shani is also a male deity in the Puranas, whose iconography consists of a handsome figure carrying a sword or danda (sceptre), and sitting on a crow. He is the God of Justice in Hindu religion and delivers results to all, depending upon their thoughts, speech and deeds (karma). He also signifies spiritual asceticism, penance, discipline and hard work. His consort is goddess Manda.

Sunday – Red – Surya

Surya is a Sanskrit word that means the Sun. Synonyms of Surya in ancient Indian literature include Aaditya, Arka, Bhanu, Savitr, Pushan, Ravi, Martanda, Mitra and Vivasvan.

Conclusion – Colors Of The Day In Thailand

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Let me know in the comments below what colors of the day in Thailand you are!

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